Is your home currently on the market? Has your property not sold yet? Are you struggling to sell? Do you live in Bishop’s Stortford or the surrounding towns and villages? Then good news, you’ve finally found the right place! We specialise in selling properties that have been on the market for more than 8 weeks with another estate agent and not sold.

We’ve sold properties that other estate agents simply couldn’t! Do have a look at our ‘Success Stories’ page for some examples of the extraordinary results we have achieved for other home owners who were in your shoes too. Some of these properties were on the market for months and months before we stepped in to help them get their home sold – and our best result was selling a property that had been on the market for 2 whole years with 6 agents in just 8 weeks.

So I bet you’re wondering – “what it is that we do that’s so different?”

It’s not just ‘the market’

What did your estate agent say when you asked him why your home hasn’t sold yet? I’m going to make a very educated guess that you’ve been told it’s either down to the price or down to ‘the market.’ I’d also guess that you’ve probably had to reduce your price and maybe on more than one occasion. Am I right?
There are three main factors that determine whether a property sells and believe it or not, price is actually the least common of these three reasons:

  • Price
    This is how your property compares to the competition. What else can your buyers get for the asking price? Or is your price actually too low?
  • Presentation
    How ready your home is for sale and how well it’s presented for attracting buyers. Getting lots of viewings but no offers?
  • Promotion
    This is how your property is marketed and particularly refers to your online listing (Rightmove or Zoopla). This includes (but isn’t limited to), your photographs, your main image, your property description, your brochure, your floor plan, your video tour… (the list goes on).



Ready to get your home sold? Then it’s time to call in the team of experts at The Personal Property Shop. We’ll work out why your home isn’t selling, make the changes, and implement our super-successful marketing strategy to get your property sold for the best price and in the shortest amount of time.

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