Add up to 15% to your home’s value with home staging!

Home staging is ultimately about presenting your home in the best way to achieve the highest possible price and in the shortest possible time frame. That’s what everyone wants right?

It’s been common practice in America and Australia for years and although a very small handful of estate agents in the UK use this method, it’s still one of our top selling secrets (so don’t go telling everyone). We’re proud to be the ONLY estate agent in Bishop’s Stortford currently offering free home staging reports – that’s why we get such great results.

Making your home appealing to buyers doesn’t necessarily have to cost you anything either. It’s more about making the most of what you already have, like rearranging furniture and de-cluttering for example. Both can add value to your home and make your property much more appealing to potential buyers.

Why is it so effective?

You may think that it doesn’t make much difference but believe us it does! That’s why we’ve been able to help despondent home owners whose properties have been on the market for months or maybe even years.

So why does it work? It comes down to one main reason – buyers have very little imagination! They’ll make a decision very quickly about whether they like your home or not and they could be put off by the silliest of thing. If a room is crammed full of ‘stuff’, they’ll struggle to imagine the space without it and write it off as ‘too small.’ A strange colour scheme or messy house may cause them to think ‘there’s too much work to do.’

Instead, by presenting your home in a way that’s going to appeal to the right kind of buyer, you’ll get the most interest ensuring you sell your home quickly and for the highest price too. Here’s an example of home staging in action:









How does it work?

At this point I feel we should point out that home staging is not about removing all personality from your home and we certainly aren’t suggesting you don’t have great taste. That’s not what home staging is about – it’s about presenting it ‘to sell it’ which is very different to how you or I might have our homes on an everyday basis.

When you choose to sell your home with us, the first thing we will provide you with is a free ‘home staging report’ so you can implement any ideas before we take your photographs. Your free report will contain all our suggestions for maximising your home’s value and making it as appealing as it can be to make sure you have the best result.

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