How drones can help sell your property

How drones can help sell your property

We have another fantastic guest blog this week from Brett Eicher from Dronecraft. Brett’s company provides aerial photography and videography, which of course is something us estate agents are using more and more. 


Humans love a good story… we’re drawn to them: books, films, comics and comedy. The tragedies and triumphs, the thrills and spills… love, hate, war and peace. Exciting at any age. Stories tap into something primal within us, buried deep within the coils of our DNA. Our brains use them as a framework to create predicable models of the world, helping us survive and succeed the minefield of life:

  • look both ways before crossing a road (story of someone getting hit)
  • separate darks and lights (story of ruined whites)
  • smile at the cute girl (story of a successful date)

Our brains hunger for this stimulation to refine its predictive accuracy, informing our decision making process, in turn increasing that chance of successfully living through another day.

A famous quote from an unknown author, ‘Learn from the mistakes of others, as you won’t live long enough to make them all yourself‘ plays on this concept wonderfully, and it may also be why we consider curiosity to be such an innate characteristic. It’s our brain seeking stimulation for accurate modeling, and what are stories except the recounted experiences of others.

What does this have to do with property? Everything. The greater the story, the greater the draw. Weave a tale well enough, and your boarded up bungalow in disrepair could have a flood of interest. But stories can take long to tell, and people do not always have time. The story must be told quickly to compete with our fickle attention spans… and how best to tell a thousand word story, but in the form of a picture.

The best award-winning photos are always those that draw the viewer into the story being weaved. There’s a point… a narrative… they set up, in the viewers mind, a recount of an event in the snapshot of a single frame. It strikes the emotions, by creating in the viewer the sense of place, time and drama.

For property, photos provide the snapshot of place, time and drama, telling the story of the property. Has it been attended well? Is it cheerful? Is there lots of work to be done? We naturally imagine ourselves strolling its hallways and rooms and decide, within the briefest of moments, if this experience modeled in our head leaves a positive impression or negative one. If positive, the viewer could turn into a buyer…. if negative, click… next property.

One of the strongest elements of a good story is offering the audience a new perspective. Something they hadn’t seen before, jarring us out of mediocrity. New angles help the brain remodel how it understands the world to be, and in this case, the property and ourselves within it.

And for offering fresh perspectives, it’s hard to beat aerial photography’s latest and greatest storytelling ally… the drone.

Efficient, affordable, mobile… the modern drone could be air born in minutes, and available through the day, for a fraction the price of a conventional helicopter. The cameras being loaded onto drones are as professional as the photographer could want, and in the right light and scope, the shots can be truly stunning. It must be taken with all the same care and attention as any ground based shot… equal dedication to framing and substance. The technology must not drown the purpose.

Do all properties need aerial photos? I don’t think so. Remember, it is about telling an appealing story to help sell the property. If the case for a property is made stronger with the aerial shot, then take it.

And what would the case be? The same as for any photo: it inspires a story in the viewer.

After all, it’s just being human.

For more information on the world of drones then visit Brett’s website at 

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