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Do I need an inventory when letting my property?

Do I need an inventory when letting my property?

Do you know of any Landlords who don’t have a compliant unbiased Inventory in place to protect their

Investment Property?

It may be because they have always had successful lets with no substantial damages or items removed by their tenants and have therefore not suffered any substantial losses.

It may also be that they are not aware of what an inventory is for legally or the importance of having a

compliant inventory.

Let me explain.

The main purpose of the inventory is to be able to provide a detailed comparison of the property between the beginning and the end of the tenancy.

There will always be changes in the property no matter how well the tenant looks after it.  Fair wear & tear will always need to be taken into consideration.  The property may suffer further damage because the tenant has been careless, misused it, caused deliberate damage or just been neglectful.

The inventory process helps to determine the changes that have happened during the tenancy and to whom or what changes are attributable.

The process comprises:

  • The Inventory – Recording a detailed state/condition of the property just before the start of the        tenancy.
  • Check In – Obtaining the tenant’s agreement of the state/condition of the property from the start date of the tenancy.
  • Check Out – Recording the state/condition of the property at the end of the tenancy.

The information must be gathered in a precise, consistent manner so that comparisons and discrepancies can be easily identified and quickly resolved.

Photographs alone do not make an inventory and will are not be acceptable without the written report in a court of law.

The inventory is also used to provide proof that the property is compliant with legislation and has the relevant smoke alarms & carbon monoxide alarms in place and that there are no health and safety issues.

The inventory provider has a duty of care to provide details to the agent if there are any problems that must be addressed prior to the tenant taking occupancy.

For the protection of the property and landlord they should always have a fully documented inventory report with dated photographs to provide to the tenant, for the tenant to agree at the start of the tenancy which is filed and then used again for the check out. for an accurate comparison.   It protects the landlord’s investment property and also let’s not forget, it’s also important for the tenant as it protects tenants deposit against unscrupulous landlords!


Carole is the owner of Carole Sherris Inventories and can be contacted on 07949 110587 or at csinventories@outlook.com. 

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